Gone Fishing

The girls wanted to do something, just us, before I left Bali. We tossed around a few ideas….natural hot springs, picnic, the beach maybe??…. in the end they decided on….fishing!

Maya, Koming, Widya and Nining at Kertalanggu Park

So last Sunday morning we all met at a local family park where you can relax amongst the rice paddies, enjoy lunch and hire a fishing rod and some bait for a spot of fishing in the man-made ponds which are filled with various kinds of local fish. It was lovely to just spend some time with my favourite friends from the hospital and their families outside the hospital environment on a beautiful sunny day.

Fishing is a popular past time in Indonesia. I have to confess it’s not one of my favourite things to do here as the rivers and ponds are always very dirty looking and the fish do not look that appetising. However, they love it, particularly the Dad’s, who hogged the fishing rods for most of the day. The kids got to have a go occasionally but it was a busy day around the ponds and there were only two fishing rods left to hire by the time we arrived. The girls didn’t get to fish! I’m sure if I had asked, they would have happily handed over a rod, but I was content to just watch and take photos.

Fishing for a coke bottle?

Cik (Koming’s husband) was the first to catch a fish, a variety that I have never seen before, but none-the-less, it was fried to within an inch of its skeleton for our lunch.

Got one! First catch of the day!

The unlucky fish

After a few hours of fishing and only two fish caught, us girls resigned ourselves to the fact we would have to order more food. Two fish were just not enough for 9 adults and 10 kids.

After a big lunch of chicken, rice, water spinach and sambal sauces, we sat around talking and laughing then went for a walk around the rice paddies. It was a nice chance to farewell my friends and their husbands and kids as well as spend some unrushed time with them all.

Widya, Maya, Koming, Dr Margi and me

I’m going to miss them, but they will always remain in my heart. They have been a large part of the beautiful life that I have had the privilege of experiencing here in Bali. I will miss their craziness. This is the last photo I took that day and I think it sums up my two friends Koming and Maya perfectly.

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just ‘see you all later’.

Koming and Maya and their kids


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