About Me

I’ve taken a year off from my work in Melbourne Australia as radiology manager to volunteer in Denpasar, Indonesia.


11 responses to “About Me

  1. sobari

    Senang bisa sempat membaca pengalaman anda selama di Bali.

  2. sharon

    Hi there… loved reading your blog. thank you.
    i too am a melbournian living here in bali… and would love to speak to you more about your black magic comments, i too have had recent experiences… which have are totally unexplainable… i would love to speak further with you re this, and of course the other ups and downs to living in bali. I have left my email…. looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Ron Giling

    Can you please let me know on what e-mail adress I can ask you a question about a request to use your photo in a dutch textbook ?
    Thanks !

  4. Andre Paes

    I am living in Bali and stopped over your blog while looking for MRI facilities and radiology specialists over here.
    I have twisted my knee about 3 weeks ago. Do you know if there are MRI machines in Bali ?
    I really would not like to leave Bali to have an MRI on my knee. I felt confortable in knowing you are a specialist on the subject and you might help me.
    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Best Regards, Andre Paes

  5. anne

    Hello, Ifyou dont mind, I would like to know the answer to Andre’s question too. my boyfriend twisted his ankle a few times he needs an MRI and we are now in Bali.
    thank you, much appreciate it!

  6. Sorry about the delayed reply…!

    I’m afraid there is only one MRI machine in Bali at the moment**. Sanglah Hospital is getting one soon and BIMC is getting one (maybe next year) for their new hospital in Nusa Dua.

    The only one currently in Bali is in the Kasih Ibu Hospital in central Denpasar. It is quite old and the image quality is not great. It might give you an answer if your problem is easily identifiable. And then there is also the experience and education issue with the technologists and the Radiologists.

    So my advice….it’s a hard one….you could try Kasih Ibu (on Jl Teuku Umar) and see what results you get? The next best place would be Surabaya in East Java. They have some good private practices there with good quality machines…..one hospital I visited which seemed good was the Husada Utama private hospital.

    The final option is to go to Singapore or Darwin or Perth (the closest Australian cities to Bali).

    Good luck!
    (** accurate as at August 2012. As of May 2013, Sanglah Hospital is still without an MRI, not sure about BIMC Nusa Dua).

  7. Wilf Mentink

    Can you email me please at wjrm63@yahoo.com? I’m helping a young Indonesian who may need to have an MRI to detect tumors intracranial. He is having a CT scan today at Sanglah, where they have told him there is no MRI. He is “funded” under jamkesmas, being from a very poor family on Flores. Wilf

  8. Peter Kemp

    Siloam has an MRI

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